Talking about travel, a mention about Africa reminds us of its aboriginal picture which is a unique blend of predators, preys and plains creating the most spectacular and wild site on this planet. Kenya is green to the heart and has turned out to be the best showpiece of Africa.

Kenya is an East African country that has got its name from its highest peak and is most popular for its classic savanna safaris. It is a perfect travel destination with its alpine snows and deserts; open plains and forests; colorful tribes and capital of Nairobi; coral reefs and freshwater lakes make the place all the more irresistible. With more than ten nature reserves and national parks being home to easily viewable magnanimous wildlife makes Kenya the crème of Africa.

If you have not visited this exotic place yet, this is your best chance as the wet seasons end about in May which leave the woods and grasslands completely nourished brimming with life and shining in verdant greens. Kenya’s wildlife safaris have been the chief tourist attractions since ages. Tourists are also finding interest in other activities like trekking on Mount Kenya, snorkeling in Malindi and ballooning over Masai Mara. Travel to Kenya and everything would turn out to be a wonderful canvas of lifetime memories treasured in small magical moments. To tell you the truth, it happens only in Kenya.

Maasai: The Authentic Tribe of Kenya- A Tourist Favorite

The Maasai tribe is a popular and unusual tribe of Kenya and is the perfect symbol of the culture of Kenya. Their unique dressing style, culture and territories surrounding the game parks in Kenya have made them the most attractive tourist attraction of East Africa. The Samburu Tribe is another tribe which is closest to the Maasais with respect to culture and language. Safari tours in Kenya enable the tourists to explore Maasai’s cultural heritage by attending their cultural shows and visiting their homes. Tourists can also take part in their dance and purchase traditional crafts, art, and jewelry as souvenirs.

Places to Visit

Masai Mara Game Reserve

Masai Mara is the only place in Africa where the visitor falls in love with the flourishing wildlife of Africa. It is nothing less than a paradise with large populations of lions and 250 species of mammals and birds on show. Thus, it is a land boasting of terrestrial superlatives. It is home to a variety of wildlife comprising of the Cheetah; the African Elephant; the Ostrich; the Giraffe; variety of Antelopes; Thomson’s Gazelle; the Impala; Hippopotamus; Warthogs; the Bataleur Eagle; the Crowned Crane etc. However big the list might be, the only center of attraction is the domineering Lion moving freely in front of your eyes.

Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru is quite a shallow lake located in Central Kenya. It is inhabited by millions and millions of Flamingos covering the eponymous lake with a resplendent pink carpet. This wetland sanctuary is surrounded by other attractions like Pelicans; Baboon; Rothschild’s Giraffe; Burchell’s Zebra; Black Rhino and Warthogs. It is popularly known as the richest bird spectacle on this Earth.

Amboseli National Park

It is a small park near the Tanzania border located at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro. It is the most popular place of Africa for tourists who love to be close to free-moving elephants. You can enjoy the sight of big bull elephants against snow-capped peaks along with few species of the bib cat trinity. You can also get the privilege of meeting the Maasai people and get a spectacular view of Mount Kilimanjaro. Be prepared to be astonished if you are planning to visit this paradise of Africa.

Lake Naivasha

The most beautiful and shallow freshwater lake in Kenya is the Lake Naivasha. The lake is surrounded by rich natural bounty brimming with diverse bird life. Some of the attractions are the Giraffe; Buffalo, Colobus Monkeys; Hippopotamus etc. The best part of the lake is the Sunset as a Fish Eagle flies high above the lake making haunting call announcing a perfect ending to the day.
The most important thing however is to make a plan to visit these places and finally be there to enjoy in the best way possible.