Magicarpet Team

Ravi Hebballi

Founder and the brain behind Magicarpet. A maxillofacial surgeon by profession, Ravi Hebballi has many talents and skills. An avid traveler with a keen interest in photography and he enjoys meeting new people and exploring new destinations. Equipped with excellent organizing and communication skills. A person who is multi talented and with an eye for detail he weaves out some of the best plans and tours to suit every person. He believes in working as team to give the best to his clients. A vibrant personality dynamic and well informed he enjoys planning and customizing tours and programs for his clients. Each itinerary is crafted and planned with lot of care and he personally supervises to make sure everything is in order and sees to it that ‘no stone is left unturned’.


Having worked in Kenyan Tourism for over 10 years in various fields of tourism, he knows the jungles of Kenya and Tanzania like the back of his hand. He is a great guide and a tracker. He has a wealth of experience and professionalism to handle our clients. He has studied French & German and can easily communicate with all clients without any language barrier. He is a keen planner and helps us design the Safari Itineraries and makes sure all our clients have a “Kenyan Memorable Safari” He enjoys his work very much and is dedicated to give our clients a wonderful dream experience of Kenya. He is a great asset in our team.