1. Who can participate in these tours?
These tours are for anybody who love to travel and explore places. Also for people who want to get away on a vacation just to relax.

2. How different are your tours from the others tour operators?
We are not travel agents who blindly make itineraries based on somebody else’s itinerary. Many times they make itineraries of places which they haven’t even heard of. We specialize in customizing our tours with a knowledge of the places and also to suit the interests of our guests. Our tours have lot of fun and new experiences in them.

3. Do you plan a tour based on our requirement?
Yes, we do. That is what we are specialized in and we are happy to understand your interest and needs and we plan the tour to suit your requirements.

4. What is the minimum group size for you to plan a tour?
We plan and customize tour for a minimum of 4 people and are happy to customize tours for larger groups as well.

5. In your wildlife tours, how sure are you about sighting the animals?
We plan and schedule the timing of the tour using the local knowledge and expertise and make sure every effort is taken to sight as many animals as possible during the game drives. Our drivers, guides and trackers are very well experienced and will make all efforts to sight animals. Also our itinerary will be planned to cover different areas in case animal sighting becomes a problem in an unfortunate situation.

6. I am beginner in photography in photography. Will this tour be useful for me?
Of course yes. Our tours will be useful for the amateurs as well as the experienced photographers. There is always something to learn on the field for both amateur and professionals. As an amateur you have to start somewhere and our tours are the best!

7. I am not a photography enthusiast. Will this tour make any sense to me?
Of course yes. Our tours are planned well and we take you to lovely places and we assure you will experience lot of things on our tours and you will get to see new places and meet new people. Even if you don’t photograph you can still appreciate and enjoy nature in all its glory from beautiful birds to amazing animals. Apart from these you can also appreciate and enjoy the lovely sunrises and sunsets.

8. Is yellow fever vaccination required?
Yes, it is required if you are travelling to East and South African countries. You will also need to get Oral Polio Vaccine and have it endorsed in the ‘Yellow Card’.

9. Can I pay an advance to book a tour?
Our tours have limited seats, so you need to pay 25% of the tour amount immediately (either in USD or INR as per the conversion rate on date) to block your seat and the remaining amount to be paid 45 days before the travel date.

10. If I have booked or paid for a tour and for some reason I wish to cancel. Is there a cancel fee?
If you have booked a tour by paying 25% advance and if you cancel your booking unfortunately the amount will not be refunded. However we will give you the option of getting the booking amount transferred to somebody else who is interested from your side. If you have paid the full amount and wish to cancel the tour before 30 days of the travel date 50% of the tour amount shall be refunded. No refund within 30 days of travel.